According to a new study, the average woman spends 5 and 1/2 hours a week taking selfies, and take 3 photos a day.  Can Tess live up to the challenge?

I've always been the kind of person to laugh at people who thrive on taking selfies.  Especially the ones who take them and don't care who's around.  When I take a selfie, it usually involves a cool background or my dog.

In a new study at FeelUnique, women said they take an average of 3 a day.  And when you factor in things like prep time and filters, they spend 16 minutes on each photo, totaling 48 minutes per day.  Who has that kind of time?!

57% of women said they make sure they're in a place with good lighting before they take one, 46% fix their hair, and 33% touch up their makeup.  GUILTY.  I always make sure my hair isn't a disaster and my blemishes are hidden.

27% said they mainly take selfies when they think they look good and want to show off to friends, 22% said it's to get the attention of someone online, 18% said it just boosts their confidence, and 15% said it's to make an ex jealous.

27% also said they sometimes delete selfies after they post them if they don't get enough likes, and last but certainly not least, 5% of women have taken a selfie on the toilet.  EW!

For whatever reason, ladies, you're spending too much time posting selfies online.  I have decided to take 3 selfies a day for the next week and document my progress.  I can see one of two things happening:

1.  I have a mental breakdown from selfie overload


2. I become addicted to selfies and become a statistic/hypocrite.

Here is selfie #1 of my Selfie Challenge.

Will and I in studio on 4/28
Will and I in studio on 4/28

Wish me luck!  Warning: I WILL become part of the 5% with my very own bathroom selfie (I am already getting tired of saying the word "selfie").

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