As you probably know by now, 103.3 KFR has brought back the Cash Code game and if you win, you win $1000. Here's three things, two of which are fun, that you could do easily with a $1000 budget.Now two of these are fun. And the third one just makes a lot of sense in the long term.

1. Pure.   fun...Do a weekend getaway for the two of you to some fun place like Chicago. With a thousand dollars, you can get yourself a fancy hotel room for a couple of nights, rent a fast car, get a massage, sashay in that hot red cocktail dress, the whole deal. Take in a concert or some world-class theatre, or a ballgame (though scalper prices, the fancy name is now "the secondary market" can get expensive) in Chicago.If you send me a message, I will tell about the best pizza place on the planet. And one or two or fifty great places to enjoy a beer.

2. Family Fun:  Pile the kids into the van and head north to Traverse City, and to the Great Wolf Lodge.  My friend Bubba was there recently and the whole family had a wonderful time. If your kids are a little older, go do the wineries, and check out Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes, but you may not have time for those. The Lodge seems like enough fun by it's self.

3. Practical, but great in the long run. If you own a house, take the $1000 and apply it to the principal of your mortgage. It can cut you length of your payment schedule a bunch, depending on how big your mortgage is.



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