Seeing the hundreds of families come out to enjoy a little exercise, was a thrill! describes the event as...

"The Meijer Kids Fun Run is a celebration of good health for youth up to age 12. This 1-mile non-competitive event is held at the Borgess Health & Fitness Center. The run is started in “waves” by age group, and parents may walk and push strollers at the back of the pack. All children receive a finisher’s medal."

But, what they forgot to tell you is that these kids ran their hearts out and seeing the support of their parents is spectacular! It really was a family affair and thank you to all the volunteers that made it happen!

If that we not enough to make a great afternoon the 'Motivational Mile', took place right after the 'Kids Fun Run'! explains the run as...

"The Motivational Mile is a celebration of life for individuals who have overcome or who are working to overcome health challenges. This non-competitive event is held on the same 1-mile course as the Meijer Kids Fun Run."

Inspiring is the only word that explains how amazing it was to watch the 'Motivational Mile' run!

Congratulations to all the runners and thank you to Borgess for holding such a powerful community event.



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