Another Kalamazoo Marathon enters history. For the runners, the cooler temperatures made it for a perfect day. For me, on the announcer's scaffold, a perfect perch to watch people accomplish personal bests.What's frustrating for me, in that announcer's position, is sometimes, not being able to share the wonderful stories behind the runners crossing the finish line. When the marathoners come through is a big cluster, you have time to only mentions some names and hometowns.

But we had a senior runner, Joseph, who, with completing the Kalamazoo Marathon, has now finished marathons in all 50 states. (But there's still 10 provinces in Canada, and 31 states in Mexico)

Oh, and speaking of Canada, we had a marathoner from Saskatchewan. And from the states, far away places like California, Washington state, North Carolina and many more.

One thing I love is the camaraderie, and the other, kids finishing the Marathon with the moms and dads. And at least one husband who had flowers and their child waiting for mom to finish. What a great finishing touch to a grueling run.

Dave Benson
Dave Benson/ TSM

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