We've been talking a lot about all the "prop" or proposition bets that will be offered for this year's Super Bowl.  Will the national anthem get botched?  Will players take a knee?  What color with the Gatorade be that get's dumped on the winning coach?  And the game bets like will the opening kick be returned for a touchdown?   Or will the total points scored break the previous record?  Those would be personal bets with your own money on the line.  But what about a company that could lose to America?

We've had the Taco Bell "Steal a base steal a taco" in Major League Baseball but I can't remember anything similar in the Super Bowl.  Well, according to a story I saw on clickondetroit.com, Buffalo Wild Wings will give everyone in America FREE wings if the Super Bowl goes into overtime!  There are stipulations, of course, but still free wings!!!  Get more information by clicking HERE.

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