Steve Martin as we all know is a man who has been involved with some of the biggest comedy shows and films of all time. He's one of the most celebrated acts in Hollywood, getting his start on Saturday Night Light, then exploding into the film world, starring in classics like The Jerk, Dirt Rotten Scoundrels, The Three Amigos, The Father of The Bride, The Muppet Movie and so many more greats. He's also an accomplished banjo player and musician, but did you know he got his start in magic?

One local man, Jeff Wawrzaszek, went and actually saw Steve Martin back in 1977 when he made a stop to perform at Eastern Michigan University, and recently shared a story about how he reached out to Steve Martin and actually got a reply back...kind of:

Knowing he got his start doing magic, I invited him to [The Colon Magic] get-together after the show. I didn't expect to hear back from him, but I decided to send a letter on a whim. I was very pleasantly surprised to receive this "personalized" response a week or two later. I thought it was a brilliant way to keep in touch with his fans, and perfectly suited to his character while maintaining a very busy schedule.
Used with permission from Jeff Wawrzaszek
Used with permission from Jeff Wawrzaszek
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Steve Martins response was perfect, in that he replied to Jeff in almost a "Mad Libs" type of way, filling in the blanks as necessary to fit the letter to whom he was sending it to. Although funny, it's really cool he even took the time out to do this for him as busy as he was back then. I wish Steve Martin would send me a mad lib letter.

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