Butt-dialing can be dangerous, but not for this guy!

Last month, 18-year-old Sam Ray was in his parents' garage working on his truck in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, outside Nashville. While he was under it, the jack gave out and the truck landed on him. It had him pinned so he couldn't move his arms, and one of them was getting burned, because it was pinned under a hot exhaust pipe.

He started yelling for help, but he knew nobody could hear him because he was home alone. Luckily, his iPhone was in his back pocket, and the weight of the truck on top of him activated Siri!. Sam says he'd never really used Siri before, and thought it was kind of stupid. But in this case, he realized she might be able to save his life.

he told her to call 911, and she did it.  Then he gave his address to the dispatcher, and rescue workers were able to lift the truck off of him. Sam ended up with four broken ribs, a bruised kidney, and burns to his arm, but he should make a full recovery. And he says he's definitely a fan of Siri now.

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