Since the first Covid-19 cases arose in Michigan since March 10th began, many businesses have been forced to close, leaving thousands of workers out of a job for an unknown amount of time. As of 3/23, all remaining non-essential businesses were forced to close their doors. This put a brutal strain on the website that un-employed workers were prompted to visit by Michigan Works! 

If you've experienced problems filing, it's because in that time since the first layoffs/ closures took place, the state of Michigan has seen an increase of un-employment filings that dwarf any recent numbers. In fact, there's been about a 2,100 % increase. Many people filing are receiving pop up messages on the website which reads, "Due to the high volume of users at this time, you may experience some slowness. We’re working with our IT team to monitor the system and ensure the site remains available for employees facing unemployment."

Regardless, the state is doing it's best to process all applicants. Trouble or not, here is how to apply for benefits.

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