Just another reason to stop hatin' on Pit Bulls.

A guy in Australia named David Kenney was at a friend's place with his two-year-old son Alex on September 5th.  And apparently no one noticed Alex wander off, because they didn't know he was missing until David's nine-year-old pit bull Leala showed up soaking wet, and kept trying to get their attention.

Then they went looking for him, and it turned out he was unconscious, lying facedown in a dammed-up river.  When they found him, he wasn't breathing and his heart had stopped.  It's not clear how long he'd been there, but they immediately started doing CPR.  And after 27 minutes, his heart started beating again.

He was still unconscious when he showed up at the hospital though, and his doctors didn't like his chances.  They had to put him in a coma, and even if he pulled through, they thought he'd have severe brain damage.  But within 48 hours, he woke up.  And the first thing he asked for was a kiss from his parents.  He went home from the hospital last Thursday, and has no signs of brain damage.  His dad says he's exactly the same as he was before it happened! :)

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