People traveling on Northbound I-75 yesterday around 9:40am must have had a pretty crappy commute. A truck hauling human waste overturned spilling crap all over the road. Of course, they had to shut it down. It took until noon for just ONE of the three lanes to be reopened. Police say, the first report was tar was spilled. Then, the human waste reports started to pour in. Click here to see the full story. 

The truck hauling the human waste was a gravel hauler. It does not strike me as the safest way to haul human waste during an outbreak of the Norovirus here in Michigan. Click here to see that. Hard to believe there isn't some type of law for that?

Deb brought up a great point. "Thank God it was cold. Can you image that smell in the heat?"

Have you ever seen a sewage truck explode?







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