Yes, 2020 has sucked! Sucked like no year in my lifetime, except for years where I lost loved ones. And even then, that was one, maybe two dearly loved people. The talk show host, Dan Patrick, said it best. That was a gut punch. 2020 is a grind. And it's been relentless.

I've tried to follow what I truly believe. Just shut up and do your job, or in my personal life, accept people for what they are. But today I cracked.

It was the two-fisted news that actress Dawn Wells had died, and then seconds later, I heard about Alto Reed, Bob Seger's sax player and bandmate, that just sent me over the top.

Alto Reed at 8 Mile Premiere
Alto Reed (L) of the Bob Seger Band talks with a reporter as he arrives at the premiere of the new Eminem film, "8 Mile" at the Phoenix Theater on Eight Mile Road on November 7, 2002 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

Wells was a childhood crush of mine, one of the most beautiful women whoever lived, and from what I can tell, a nice person in real life. Never enough humans like that in our lives. She died of Covid. This invisible monster has claimed yet another victim.

Then, a few second later, I saw that Alto Reed had died. Colon cancer. I didn't grow up in Michigan, but I sure knew about Bob Seger. I played all those great songs on the radio. Reed's solo on Turn the Page. Or the one on Mainstreet. Listen to it this afternoon. It will give you chills.

But here's where it all got to me. What Covid has done this year; what cancer has done every year. Covid has not only killed millions, but it has helped pit people against each other, destroyed friendships, and is helping destroy this glorious country. It has helped expose how dangerously close were are to being a nation of morons. There are days when I seriously wonder if we will have a country in ten years. Add to that, all the Kumbaya moments from our youth, were all a lie. Peace, love brotherhood, that was all a lie. We are more polarized that maybe at any point in our history. Equality? Where?

Cancer, too. How random it is. How deadly it is. Too many good people gone too soon. I know medicine makes small advances forward, but, still, we are too far away from a cure. I'm tired of watching people die.

I know 2021 is not some miracle line in the sand, where all of the sudden, things will be better. We've dug ourselves into a major hole, and it's going to be a while, if ever, if we get out of it. Happy New Year.

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