In the tiny town of Adrian, a peculiar sight has caught the attention of those passing by.

In the Facebook group Lenawee County History and Geneology, a woman named Dawn M. recently shared a photo of this peculiar sight along with the question,

Anyone have a picture or know the story behind how they got it up there?

The picture is of a tractor...on top of a silo:

Via/ Google Maps
Via/ Google Maps

Obviously, the first question anyone would ask is HOW? Thankfully, locals of Adrian, MI had a few explanations. Naturally, people also had jokes.

Jim R. said: Silo kept blowing away. Tractor keeps it in place.

Holly S. wrote: When you switch your crops from hay to hopps.

And Mark G. commented: The tractor was put up there very carefully. That’s how it got up there.

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Combing through the comments I was able to find actual explanations. The tractor topped silo is off Wolfe Creek Highway on the property of Twin Curves Farm. A few suggested that it may have been the very first tractor purchased by the farm and now serves as a kind of shrine or reminder. But, someone named Howard P. commented,

It was put up on the Earl Kelly farm silo by his son-in-law by a crane. It was an old tractor, stripped of any usable parts and decorated with Christmas lights. It fulfilled his long-time wish. Many people stop to take pictures

Which was confirmed by Earl Kelly's granddaughter, Jamie H. who also commented on the post,

He put the tractor up there simply because he wanted it there. He passed away 2 yrs ago but the farm remains in the family and is farmed by his children and grandchildren.

There you have it. He just wanted it up there!

The next time you find yourself on Wolfe Creek Highway in Adrian, Michigan, keep a careful eye out for this unique sight.

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