Marijuana may not be legal in Michigan, but you can get your degree in growing pot from Northern Michigan University.

The program kicked off this fall and includes classes such as...

  • Organic Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Soils
  • Biology
  • Gas and Liquid Chromatography
  • Biostatistics
  • Genetics
  • Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Perspectives on Society

The reason behind the new major was explained by NMU Trustee James Haveman...

"Many of the states are legalizing different substances and they’re really looking for quality people to do the chemistry and the science. It’s the university’s responsibility to produce those kinds of students for those kinds of jobs.”

For the record, no one is growing marijuana, no state or federal laws are being broken. the University goes on to report that...

There are a lot of plants that can be studied."

According to USA Today, The State Medical Marijuana Licensing Board is awarding licenses in 5 different categories by next year. The categories are as follows...

  1. Growing
  2. Processing
  3. Testing
  4. Transporting
  5. Retail Sales

USA Today went on to report...

"So there is certainly going to be a need for chemists, agriculture experts and entrepreneurs to populate the business across the nation where 29 states have legalized medical marijuana, plus the eight states and the District of Columbia with full legalization of marijuana for recreational use. A petition drive is under way to gather the necessary 252,523 signatures to get full legalization of marijuana on Michigan’s ballot in November 2018."

The University admits that the program is different, a first, and speaks to a certain crowd but are confident the program is important for the changes happening in society.

Oh and in case you are wondering, the program is incredible tough to get through. The College calls the program "intense" and any student taking it on needs to be "dedicated and motivated".

Who says going to college is a bore, you just need to pick the right major!


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