As someone with sunflowers literally tattooed on my body, a guide to all the great spots for sunflowers in Michigan immediately caught my eye.

I was browsing Facebook and came across this post from Things To Do Metro Detroit marking sunflower spots throughout the state of Michigan. However, for this article I'm going to focus on the ones surrounding SW Michigan specifically. If you'd like to explore the sunflower fields throughout the state you can find them on the lifestyle/travel blog Party of Alyssa Matt.

Before we get into the list I feel its important to point out that farmers often rely on their crops for their living. Please, do not just drive up to a sunflower field, snag 20 sunflowers and drive off. Make sure the area you decide to visit is open to the public and please respect the property as well.

Additionally, keep in mind that sunflowers don't usually peak until July/August. So, you have plenty of time to plan your visit!

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Here are 5 SW Michigan spots where you can get your sunflower fix:

1. Gull Meadow Farms 

Gull Meadow Farms, in Richland, has a reputation as being a "go-to" place for apple picking. At least according to everyone I've talked to in Kalamazoo. But, they also hold an annual Sunflower Festival. It normally takes place in August (but may start earlier depending on the bloom) and offers guests fields filled with over two dozen varietals of sunflower. Tickets are $15 a person and all updates can be found on their website or Facebook page.

2. Gorby Sunflowers

Gorby Sunflowers is a family owned farm in Allegan. While they're in bloom you can find sunflowers at 2 for $1. As well, I'm making the assumption that Gorby Sunflowers is a popular place for photographers because they have a specific request (should you plan to use their farm as a backdrop for your clients): While there was no photographer's fee as of 2020, they ask that you consider making a donation. As well, like with every other farm, they ask that you stay on the paths and be respectful of the property. You can stay up to date on their events and their blooms on their Facebook page.

3. Blue House Farms

Blue House Farms, in Benton Harbor, is another family owned and operated farm. They do something called Sunflower and Lavender Days where they invite the public to pick their own sunflowers and lavender. It's free admission with sunflowers costing $1 a stem and lavender costing $5 a bundle. They grow traditional sunflowers, white sunflowers, multicolored sunflowers, giant sunflowers and more. Stay up to date on this year's Sunflower and Lavender Days on their website or Facebook page.

4. Corey Lake Orchards 

Corey Lake Orchards, in operation since 1961, is located in Three Rivers and offers a variety of "U Pick" year round depending on what's in season. For their sunflowers, they'll have two fields this year with sunflowers that will bloom at different times. Obviously, because it's still early, there's no official date for when they'll be opening or what the admission fees will be but you can follow along on their Facebook page or check their website for all updates.

5. Bremer Produce

Okay...this is more west Michigan instead of southwest Michigan but, still worth including. Plus, you can snag some delicious ice cream while you're there. Located in Hudsonville, Bremer Produce sells squash and pumpkin when in season and, at least last year, held a harvest party for their sunflowers. No word just yet on whether or not they'll be doing that again this year but the best way to stay up to date is to follow their Facebook page. *Please note: adorable kittens pictured above not included with your sunflower purchase 😺*

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