At first, when I read about a movie theater that allows pets and all-you-can-drink wine, I thought this is awesome. After about a minute, I came to my senses...this sounds horrible. Drunk people and dogs barking while trying to watch a movie, no thanks.

According to SimplemostK9 Cinemas in Plano, Texas, allows patrons to bring their furry friends with them. The cinema offers cozy seats that are perfect for snuggling up with your pup while watching the movie, and for the $15 ticket, you get admittance for you and your dog, plus bottomless wine or up to four whiskeys.

The idea is great and I understand the passion behind it but it just seems like it would be really tough to sit through a movie with all that going on. Maybe it's not about the movie and more so about bonding with your pets and booze. If that's the case, then I'd guess I'd be okay with it.

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