This sounds like something straight out of a horror flick, but it really happened to one man!

A young man (22 years old) was lured by a couple to a cemetery in Clare County. The idea was that the young man would help them dig up a "buried treasure, only there was no treasure. The young man started digging and when no riches were discovered, the couple brutally attacked him.

Clare County Undersheriff Dwayne Miedzianowski explained the ugly nature of the crime to

The couple's crime occurred in Clare County's Hamilton Township Cemetery in the early hours of June 17. They lured a 22-year-old Harrison man to the graveyard on the pretext that cash was buried in a plot of land where no bodies were interred.  After the trio dug a hole,  Brett A. Ostrander attacked the younger man, with Christie Austin joining in.

The victim was attracted with a shovel and a hammer. Somehow, the man managed to escape and call 911 from his home. He was then taken to a local hospital and treated for severe injuries.

Police report that there was no money buried, and that the whole idea was to kill and bury the young victim.

Now the couple has plead guilty to the crime, and Brett Ostrander will serve 8 to 20 years for the crime. Christie Austin is currently awaiting her sentence.

I don't think Hollywood could write a story that frightening.


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