Over the weekend we saw the Michigan State Spartans give a valiant effort to try and make it to the National Championship Game in college basketball. Sadly, Texas Tech was able to conquer them in the second half and end up taking the game. The Spartans no doubt left it all on the court, but there are others who deserve the VIP recognition for all of their contributions to the game as well. I’m talking about all the diehard Spartan fans at the sports bar I watched the game at.
Although I was at one particular sports bar, no doubt there were thousands of Spartan fans playing some of the most important positions of the spectator part of the sport. I would like to acknowledge some of the greats that were in attendance and highlight some of their contributions:

“Here We Go!” Guy- This guy came to the bar ready to let everyone know when it was go time and provide crucial details for everyone in the bar. “Here We Go!” “Charging!” “Traveling!” “Double Dribble!” “Four Minutes Left!” “Foul!” Granted he was only right on half of his calls. But regardless. He made his presence known in the bar as the guy who does a good job of pretending like he knows what’s going on.

“WTF!” Guy- Talk about a spectator who’s on point. Anytime anything happened whether it was good or bad, he was always right there with the “WTF!”. If only the Spartans had an intercom to this guy’s blatantly excellent coaching mind, they may have been able to take the game. “WTF!” Guy gave excellent post game coverage by saying “wow” 73 times in pure disbelief that his contributions didn’t help lift the Spartans to victory.

“Come On!” Bro- This particular bro had his standards set high. The Spartans really let him down by not achieving everything he wanted them to do at any given moment. This is something they would need to work on in the upcoming year as the “Come On” Bro literally just wants you to make every shot. If you would just do that, you would win. It’s like...come, on.

“You Gotta Be Kidding Me!” Dude- My heart really went out to this guy. He couldn’t believe what was happening before his eyes as if everything was just a joke. Whatever kind of joke it was it was cruel and unkind; And the joke went on the whole game on top of it. But it was no joke. It was reality, and one he just doesn’t wanna be a part of.

“Are You Serious?” Dude- Also playing on defense was “You Gotta Be Kidding Me!” Dude’s right hand man. This guy handled all the questioning. All the things his partner exclaimed in disbelief were confirmed by this man’s stellar questioning of every decision made on the court. Sadly their efforts combined were not enough.

Though all of these men will go down as true legends of the spectator sport you have to give a classic tip of the hat to their significant others and/or wives who no doubt had to deal with their sh***y , grumpy attitude for the rest of the weekend. Better luck next year fellas.

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