We all knew cold weather is just around the corner, but Lake Michigan has already started to chill

WWMT.com is reporting that the temperatures of Lake Michigan have dropped more then 20 degrees in the last 24 hours. That is a huge drop and it looks like water temps will continue to decline until Thursday. This is a dangerous issue and lives could be lost due to the fast drop in water temp.

 South Haven Area Emergency Services (SHAES) Executive Director Ronald Wise said the lower the water temperature, the higher the chance for hypothermia or drowning.

Even though the air temperature may feel warm enough to swim in, that most likely will not be the case for Lake Michigan. SHAES Executive Director Ronald Wise, explained how this happened in such a short amount of time...

“We’ve had a lot of wind, a lot of waves the last couple of days. The lake has turned over and the water temperature has dropped dramatically. I think it was 74 degrees yesterday and it has dropped to 56 degrees today, as of 2:00 p.m., That’s a huge jump,”

Coldwatersafety.org Explains The Water Temperature Safety Guide

Below 77 degrees Breathing begins to be affectedThis is why the official water temperature required for Olympic swimming competition is 77-82 degrees.

Interesting Facts About Temperatures

  • 98.6 degrees Normal body temperature measured with an oral thermometer.
  • 99.6 degrees Deep body or core temperature measured with a rectal thermometer.
  • 95 degrees For medical purposes, this is the clinical point at whichh hypothermia begins.
  • 91 degrees The temperature of your skin.
  • 85 degreesWater feels pleasantly cool rather than warm.
  • 77-82 degrees Swimming pool temperature range for Olympic competition.
  • 70 degrees Water feels quite cold to most people. Treat any water temperature below 70  degrees with caution.
  • 40 degrees or lower Water is painfully cold.

Even though you may be hoping for one last dip this summer, I would seriously think about waiting till next summer.

Stay dry (and warm)


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