If your child relies on the bus to get to school, the latest announcement from KPS may affect them.

Yesterday, the Kalamazoo Public Schools shared a disheartening Facebook post explaining that they'll be canceling certain bus routes due to a shortage of bus drivers.

The post, which you can see here, went on to say,

Kalamazoo Public Schools was able to manage transportation during the first week of school by utilizing every available bus driver employed by the district, including office staff and mechanics with the proper licenses. Due to continued driver shortages, KPS will be forced to cancel identified bus routes on a rolling basis.
Unfortunately, some of these cancellations may come with little to no notice. And with the KPS bus system transporting kids to and from three different schools there's a potential for a large impact.
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Here's how it'll work:

  • Routes that will be cancelled will be announced the night before. If, in the morning, more shortages occur additional routes may be cancelled.
  • Families will be notified via robocall. Keep in mind, you'll need to know your child's bus number.
  • Cancellations include both pick-up and drop-off

Parents will be expected to make other arrangements for their kids. If a child will not be able to make it to school parents will need to notify the school of their absence.

KPS ended their post by asking for bus drivers to apply and adding that,

Drivers are paid during training and can earn benefits and bonuses. KPS has a number of other part- and full-time positions available.

Applications can be filed online here or call (269) 337-0177. Should you have any further questions about impacted bus routes you can follow KPS on Facebook, find them online or call (269) 337-0100.

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