Nothing makes you feel cooler then when a person half your age complements you on the rock band pin you are wearing!

Tess Taylor and I stopped into the Meg-Bev store on West Main this Saturday before our massage at Design 1 Salon Spa.

After doing some shopping, it was turn at the cash register. As the young lady was bagging up my goodies, she looked at my 'Gore Gore Girls' band pin and said "Oh, I like your pin". Well, this old lady was thrilled! I went on to explain that my best friend Jennifer and I saw them at a club last summer in Detroit. Her response was simple, but made me feel hip, she said "cool".

So not only does Mega-Bev have everything you could possibly need when entertaining, that have helpful, nice employees!

From now on, I am a loyal MegaBev fan!

Mega- Bev Store Locations:

5570 Beckley Road Battle Creek MI 49015

6619 West Main Kalamazoo MI 49009

106 Redfield Plaza Marshall MI 49068

7921 Oakland Drive Portage MI 49024

304 North Broadway Hastings MI 49058

Mega-Bev Store Hours:

8am - 10pm M-T

8am - Midnight Friday

9am - Midnight Saturday

9am - 10pm Sunday


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