The "Top Secret: License To Spy" exhibit is open and ready for you to solve the mystery.

Most everyone has had the fantasy of being a spy, just like James Bond 007. Now right at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum, you can make that dream come true (even if it is only for a few hours).

According to museon...

"Equipped with a 'Spy File', visitors are presented with a scenario and 6 suspects. They will be challenged with gathering intelligence from selected exhibits to uncover information on the suspects, leading them on a journey of discovery into the lifelike world of what it is like to be a secret agent."

The exhibit is running until April 29th and filled with fun, spying, and espionage!

The Exhibit's Activities Include...

  • Hidden Camera
  • Find the Bug
  • Guess the Password
  • Safe Breaker
  • Laser Listening
  • Spy Satellite
  • See in the Dark
  • Phone Tap

Interactive Exhibits Include But Are Not Limited Too...

  • The Lazer Maze
  • Photo Disguise

Kalamazoo Valley Museum Director Bill McElhone said...

"The exhibit has something to offer everyone"

Of course, all ages are welcome to be a spy for a day.

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