A foster child born at Borgess hospital in Kalamazoo put out a plea on Facebook to locate her parents and it didn't take the internet long to respond.

It was a tearful homecoming at Milham park when Ally Matthews was reunited with her birth mother and met siblings she never knew she had.

On August 11, the Kalamazoo woman, born at Borgess hospital in Kalamazoo, placed into foster care and adopted when she was 7 months old put out an appeal on Facebook searching for her biological mother.

The post went viral, garnering 2000+ shares and a response from the very woman she was hoping to meet. Ally updated her Facebook the very next day with the good news:

UPDATE 8/12/2017: I HAVE LOCATED MY BIOLOGICAL FAMILY!!!! IT IS THANKS TO EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT SHARED THIS POST!!! My message came across my biological mother's news feed, ONLY because of the massive amount of shares! We have no mutual contacts what so ever!! She contacted me and I'm so excited to meet everyone!
Thank you all so so so much, words cannot express my gratitude that by the vast power of people's kindness we were able to be connected. 😘😘😘 I am beyond thankful for all of the kind words and information given to me as well. THANK YOU!!!!!!

I contacted Ally via Facebook (naturally) and she shared the photo of the family reunion at Milham Park and sends the encouraging message that "the impossible isn't always what it seems."

Photo used by permission
Left to right: Victoria Marie Hamblin, Anthony Hamblin, Anne Hamblin-Wolfe, Ally Mathews and Nikita Wolfe. One other sibling, Jerimah Wolfe couldn't make the reunion.

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