A new engineering innovation developed in Taiwan, and reproduced in Kalamazoo may seem simple, it will go a long way in helping keep anesthesia providers safer during the Covid-19 pandemic.

(Brady Beauchamp via Facebook)

The innovation is an intubation box. This box enables an anesthesiologist to remain safe at work by decreasing their exposure to Covid-19. According to the post, that innovation from Taiwan, was recreatred in Kalamazoo.

Here's why this is so critical at this time:

The major challenges in managing patients with the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) are bilateral pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome. Many patients with COVID-19 will be in critical condition and will need intubation. Human-to-human transmission has been confirmed,  and the virus has spread across the world....The problem is that the viral load in the airway is probably very high and is very contagious. This poses significant risks for these who are performing intubation. - Anesthesia


Clarification/Correction: A previous version of this story had incomplete information. The person mentioned in the Facebook post, Andy Bornhorst clarified the information:

"To be clear, not developed in Kalamazoo, idea was from a Taiwanese Dr. who posted online so they could be made around the world to keep Doctors and Nurses safe. The idea was shared by a friend and we had the ability to make one at work so we did."

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