Maybe it's because I know all the songs, and they are from the heart of my childhood, but I just love Jersey Boys, And this cast, especially Aaron De Jesus as Frankie Valli, are outstanding.

Jersey Boys
Theo Wargo; Getty Images Entertainment

This is my second time around seeing "Jersey Boys". The first time around was long enough ago, that while I knew the structure of the musical, knew some of the special moments,still, it felt fresh,

The four actors who portray the Four Seasons are all of fine voice, but they also have the comic chops, the timing to make comedic moments work. And at the same time, to make the dramatic moments powerful and believable.

Matthew Dailey, who plays Tommy DeVito, around whom a good portion of the first act revolves, balances the drama and humor very well. Keith Hines does well as the stoic Nick Massi. A good baritone/bass,delivering the goods in his spots. Drew Seeley carries his part well. Bob Gaudio was the youngest of the Seasons but also a critical cog as songwriter of so many hit songs.

One thing I don't want to overlook is the female members of the cast. They are critical. Lauren Tartaglia as Frankie's first wife, Mary, and Jaycie Dotin are really good.

And then there's Aaron De Jesus. Wow. Looks like the real Valli and sounds like him, right down to the falsetto. Man can sing. Bravo.

It's a great time. One word of warning. The language is rough, so if you have kids, you know what you're comfortable with.

Jersey Boys is in the middle of an eight show run at Miller Auditorium, through this Sunday. Ticket information is at


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