I love a good prank. When I was in college, we stole the keys from our RAs and broke into our friends' rooms to antique them - throwing handfuls of flour on them while they slept. In hindsight, it was kinda cruel, but we were in college and eventually they got me back, too.

But sometimes, a prank can go too far, especially when you're a person of authority who's trying to pull it off. Such is the case for a Michigan Teacher, who went too far, by faking the death of one of his students. And somehow, they kept their job.

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A teacher at Columbia Junior High School in Brooklyn, Michigan thought it would be funny to memorialize a student who was absent from his class back in January, which has now led to a full on catastrophe. Jacob Boone left a message on a white board in his classroom that the student would be "forever missed," which was then surrounded by more than 50 farewell messages.

The student has remained anonymous for their protection, but Boone had placed their photo on the whiteboard with the message, and even played funeral music to mark the occasion. When in reality, the student was absent because of an actual death in the family.

The prank of course went too far, and soon grew out of control with a fake "news flash" that announced the student was found dead. That post caught the attention of another school district, who even contacted the Columbia Schools to offer help if needed.

The prank was quickly debunked, and Boone was suspended for six weeks. However, the district school board voted to bring him back into the classroom, and even hired him as a varsity track coach.

Parents of other students in the district, as well as the parents of the student who was used for the prank, were not happy, and offered up their complaints to the school district, who have not commented on the matter.

This is pretty irresponsible, and you feel for the kid... but at the same time, nobody's gonna forget their name now. AND they know who their REAL friends are.

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