The big news this week in college football was surrounding the University of Michigan. Once again, they're under scrutiny for potentially cheating, or finding an edge that is against NCAA rules. (Not that a burger was cheating, but it was against NCAA rules.)

They were accused of sign-stealing from other teams, and while that sounds terrible, it's not near as bad as what Michigan State did before Saturday's games against the Wolverines.

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The rumors are true, Michigan State, before their game Saturday, displayed a MASSIVE image of former Nazi leader, and dictator Adolf Hitler on their jumbotron at Spartan Stadium.

Michigan State likes to display trivia questions before home games to at least keep those in the crowd interested before the actual football game starts. Obviously, the category of History is going to come up, but there are certain corners of history you should probably avoid when displaying it on a massive jumbotron screen in front of thousands of people.

The original question asked "Where was Hitler Born?" And of course, any good history buff knows it was in Austria. But, it absolutely blew everyone's mind that this was even floated as a question for such a major event, let along that his GIANT IMAGE was displayed on screen.

According to TMZ, Michigan State has offered up an apology.

"MSU is aware that inappropriate content by a third-party source was displayed on the video board prior to the start of tonight's football game. We are deeply sorry for the content that was displayed, as this is not representative of our institutional values."

He added that they would never be using this third-party source again, and the University would be implementing stronger screening approval procedures for all video board content in the future.

It's likely this was just a pre-loaded question on a generic trivia program. And under certain circumstances, it's just a history fact in a trivia game. But NOT on a scoreboard that spans the width of a football endzone.

This is definitely one sign that Michigan will NOT be stealing from Michigan State.... not that they needed to, because Michigan State got their butts handed to them 49-0 on an already rough season behind the scenes.

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