There isn't much time to pick the juiciest strawberries in Southwest Michigan. The strawberry "U Pick Em" season began on June 15th and will only last until early July at the latest. Just a few weeks that are oh-so worth it.

Michigan's strawberry season is well documented and for good reason. Somewhere in the area of 45,000 tons of strawberries are produced in The Mitten State alone. About a week ago, we were blessed with the "Strawberry Moon", June's full moon that is dyed a shining shade of red.

Now that we're in full swing of strawberry picking season, now's the time to go out and pick your very own fresh strawberries from local farms. Not only is that a great way to give back to the local economy and support our own agriculture, but it's a great time with the kids.

There are plenty of places in the area to check out, but these seven U Pick Em strawberry farms across the southwest region of Michigan are sure to be close to home and have plenty of juicy strawberries to take home.

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Of course, field times are subject to the weather, as is the season itself. It's always a good idea to call ahead to make sure there is plenty to pick and that the fields will be open.

The title of each gallery item will link back to the business for more information and contact info.

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