103.3 KFR has been doing RoofSit for twenty years now. I know we've done some good.But every year when RoofSit comes around, I also can't help but think of Bill Wright.

Bill was a polarizing figure. Some loved him; some hated the man. But when it came to children, there's was no bigger advocate for the work of the therapists at the Community Healing Center.

Bill had his demons, but the man put his money where his mouth was every year at RoofSit. And once or twice every year, during the broadcasts we would hand him the mike to tell his personal story about how he was abused as a child, and out came the emotions. It was uncomfortable, certainly difficult to hear. But I've come to believe uncomfortable is good as we shine a spotlight on the horrors of child abuse.

Bill set up the Wright for Kids Foundation. That foundation has contributed a ton of money. But that money combined with your donations makes a difference. Child abuse is so pervasive, affects many more than just the victims. I know the money you've donated has helped the Community Healing Center do some miraculous work with victims and families. There has been healing.

That certainly would've put a big smile on Bill's face. And his was a one of a kind smile.

If you can, please make a donation, whether it's online, by phone or live.

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