We've all seen it by now. The video of the little kid from Tennessee crying, apparently because he was scared to go to lunch alone, filled with fear from bullies. But as the plot thickens in this tale of 48-hour fame, it's starting to look like a lot of you got taken for suckers with big hearts. We all deplore bullying. We all felt bad for this little kid that, because of his clear physical deformities, seemed to be an easy target. Why would or should anyone question that? I'll tell you why.

We live in the age of the internet. Where everyone has to be right and everyone needs a podium to preach from. People are not interested in discussing ideas and thoughts on the internet. They are there to prove you wrong and them right. I've yet to see one argument on Facebook where two or more people who began fighting, come together at common ground and resolved their differences and found clarity.

As more investigation took place into what kind of family life this kid had, the more we start to see other truths coming out about the matter. Firstly that this incident didn't take place the day came out and that it had been resolved almost a week earlier. Second,  MMA fighter Joe Schilling reached out to who was apparently the mother of the child and all she wanted was for him to share her Go-Fund-Me because [money is tight and I'm a single mother]. He came out on social media to bust the balloon right there. Lastly, there is word that Keaton Jones was using racist slurs towards the kids who, in turn, bullied him back sparking the viral video.

Now, let's discuss some logic here. I've seen people bring this up and defenders of the child ask, "where's your proof?" Do you see what you're doing? You're legitimately defending possible racist remarks. When just a week ago I'm sure some of those people were scoffing at those who asked for proof of the sexual harassment charges brought upon certain male public figures. People willingly gave over $59,000 to a crying child on the internet and it seems they may have gotten hoodwinked. Luckily the Go Fund Me page has been suspended. But when it comes to the matter of black children being bullied by him with racist language, he who comes from a clearly racist family (as proven by screenshots of his mother's conversations and pictures from her social media accounts) now all the sudden we need proof.

This is an unbelievable world we live in. By needing proof he was being racist but not needing proof of the whole story and to be fully willing to share his story and give the family money, it really shows who people in this country trust.

Racism and intolerance have no place in an evolutionary world. With it, we will never develop and evolve as a species and we will perish by the hand of our own ignorance. It is time we stop trying to solve bullying and focus on ending racism and political intolerance of others. If racism and intolerance are destroyed, so will bullying. Not the other way around. It was the racist upbringing and intolerant mindset that set this story into motion. It is parents responsibility to teach the children that everyone is equal and that differences make us unique just like animals, those beings we feel superior to.

Everyone needs to stop trying to be right all the time and just do what's morally right for the good of humanity. I remember when the internet was an escape from the real world and was fun. Now the real world is an escape from the internet. What's it gonna take for us to accept the truth that biologically, we all came from the stars? We are one planet. We are one people. Move forward and spread positivity amongst our species.





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