Limited menu, great service, awesome burgers, you gotta try this.A co-worker and I were heading out to help a friend move, and he suggested we grab lunch before hand. He asked if I like burgers (which are my jam) and he took me to Nonla Burger in Kalamazoo...OMG, it was sooooooooo good! But, don't take my word for it...

Nick R. reported on

Nonla Burger presents a unique experience, and one that I thoroughly enjoyed. After two visits, I think it's safe to say that this will be one of my go-to's in Kalamazoo when I'm craving a burger.

Radon V. posted his thoughts on

Friendly yummy and delicious. Fries are great burgers juicy and tasty. Smiles are everywhere

Bob S. stated on

This little hole in the wall burger joint is exceptional. The choices are limited but all are delicious.

My Order...

A vanilla shake (flavor of the day), fries and a classic cheese burger.

Heather McGregor/TSM

The Fry Dip (so yummy)...

Heather McGregor/TSM

Check out the bathroom...

It sounds weird but the bathroom was really cool! Posted is a Rolling Stones article from 1987 talking about the latest release from Inxs (RIP Michael Hutchence).

Heather McGregor/TSM

If you want to try an awesome burger you have got to try Nonla Burger located at 2103 Burdick Street. I bet if you try it you will run into me because this place is my favorite.


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