After a sixteen year run as a fun and different upscale dining experience in Kalamazoo, Zazios is closing its doors on Saturday night, November 14th. Greenleaf Holdings says it will be replace by a new restaurant concept, sometime around Summer 2021.

What made Zazios special when it opened was a "arena-style seating" kitchen area, where guests could watch their gourmet meals being prepared. Zazio's began during the time of the late Executive Chef Wayne Wells, quite a character, and Chef John Korycki, who would be one of those to host these presentations. The official label on the food was Italian and World cuisine. Following the closure, the Zazios team will shift upstairs to continue collaborating with Webster’s Prime beginning Tuesday, November 17, 2020. The menu at Webster’s will even feature a few dishes from Zazios that have become fan favorites over the summer.

A personal memory: Soon after Zazios opened, my then fourteen year old son was thinking about a career in food service, and so for his birthday, we booked a dinner at Zazios. There was normally seating for about 30 or so people next to the kitchen, but the group that had booked for that evening cancelled, so the two of us had Chef Korycki and the kitchen seating to ourselves. The one on one experience was both memorable and a stroke of good fortune.

So we raise a glass to newest member of Kalamazoo restaurant heaven, Zazios. Thanks for the memories.

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