One of the worst things about winter is de-icing your car in the morning.

During the winter months, I find myself looking for shortcuts on how to de-ice and clean the snow off my car. It's cold, and generally, I am running about 5 minutes late for where I need to be. So, grab what I can find in the jeep (it tends to be a CD case) and start working on an uphill battle to be road ready. Surely, not safest or smartest ways to take care of a vehicle.

Looking into correct ways to scrap my windows I found the website, and they gave advice from the "Glass Doctor"...

 “There are some creative ideas for getting ice off windshields, but they can be hazardous to your health,” Wayne Robinson of  Glass Doctor of Amarillo , Texas, said.

Here is a list things to do and not do when de-icing your car


  1. Pour hot water on your windshield and winters to melt ice and snow. The fast temperature change can break the glass.
  2. Don't scrap your windows with a metal ice scraper, a key, spatula, utility knife, or a crowbar. The metal will scratch the glass and possibly leave grooves in the glass.
  3. If your doors are iced-up don't try to open them by using a hairdryer, cigarette litter, ice pick, screwdriver, propane torch, or a portable heater.


  1. If your doors are frozen shut poor cold water gradually until the ice melts.
  2. Always use a plastic ice scraper and a soft bristled brush.
  3. Do start your car early and let it warm up for about 5 minutes to start the ice melting.

I must admit that I have been doing it all wrong, so I need to stop using an old CD case and my kitchen broom to clean off my car. It is time to invest in a good ice-scrapper, and be a tad safer on the roads.


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