If you have ever had a package stolen from your porch, you will appreciate the hell out of this video.

After having a package stolen from his porch, this engineer was angry. Even with the footage of the theft, he didn't receive much help from the police. So, he decided to take things into his own hands. Needless to say, this is amazing. This is the hero we need and deserve right now.

He really thought about the best way to get back at porch pirates and his solution is perfect. The cleverly disguised package delivers not one, but two kicks directly to the thieves balls. Upon opening the package, the thief is basically showered with a bunch of glitter. On top of that, the package blasts out five-shot bursts of fart spray every 30 seconds. However, not even that was enough for this guy. He also rigged up four phones to the package that start recording as soon as it leaves his yard.

Thank you good sir, thank you.

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