The innovative Michigan Department of Transportation is saving lives with a new LED red light warning for wrong way drivers.

You can't miss the high-intensity red LED flashing lights- it's a sure sign that something is wrong. The first Wrong Way Alert System in Michigan has been installed in Jackson. Michigan Department of Transportation shared the inventive technology on their Facebook page and explained how it works:

Cameras in the system detect when a car is driving toward it; when that happens, high-intensity red LED flasher lights mounted on each of the wrong way signs are activated, warning drivers that they are going the wrong way.


This entrance/exit ramp was chosen for a few reasons. It is not the typical cloverleaf design; a drive is shared with the on and off ramp. Also, the area is quite often dark and several nearby lakes are prone to generating fog, further reducing visibility. The flashing red lights are visible under any conditions and alert drivers when they have made an error.

Google Earth
Google Earth

Where else do you think they need to put one of the new Wrong Way Alert System lights?


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