This idea really gets your attention. Burgers for a year? Yes, but you probably have to do it today, and fast, because there's a limited amount.Red Robin, which has a restaurant on South Westnedge in Portage, is offering a $99 Burger Pass. What does that get you?

The deal gets you a $15 gift card at the beginning of every month for the next 12 months.  Red Robin has had a series of $7 specials, so that's a couple of burgers a month. Thanks to my handy dandy Windows10 calculator, the burger pass price works out to $180 in gift cards for $99; not quite half off.

If you don't care for hamburgers, you can use it for anything. It's a gift card, though as with anything in life, restrictions probably do apply.

For Red Robin this gets them some attention. For you, this is not a pair of sock under the Christmas tree. If you're interested, it's today only and it's limited to the first 10,000 nation-wide.


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