It is so important that in a year where a lot of small or independent sellers and businesses are closing down because of Covid, we shop locally. Part of what makes Southwest Michigan unique is that we have so many DIY sellers that contribute unique items for sale, especially during the holidays. The annual Bizaare Bazaar that is held around the holidays was forced to cancel because of the current health situation, which makes it even harder for sellers around this time.

Below I've compiled a list of different DIY sellers and makers from across Michigan who can ship their items. It's so huge that we buy from these and other independent artists because their livelihood is solely dependent on our support. For all the hardships they've faced this year, lets consider looking through their inventory for an item that someone in your family or friends list would enjoy. If you know of a seller not on this list, feel free to message us on Facebook with their info and I'll gladly add them to this list:

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Local DIY Artists To By From This Holiday

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