WARNING: The pictures are disturbing.

A 19-year-old Michigan woman was lying in bed with her generic iPhone charger under her pillow.  The charger was plugged into the socket but not her phone.  We're all guilty of doing this right?  I know I've done it a million times and never thought twice about it.

According to the Daily Mail this unnamed teen's necklace touched the charger and things got weird fast,

Out of nowhere, she felt an intense 'burning sensation' and 'severe pain' around her neck.

The woman was rushed to hospital where she was diagnosed with a 'circumferential partial-thickness burn', also known as a second-degree injury.

When the Michigan woman arrived at the hospital the medical staff found her necklace was embedded into her neck.  Click here to see the pictures of the victim's neck after the necklace was removed.

The victim suffered a second degree burn almost all the way around her neck.

Even though smartphone chargers are very low voltage, they can still cause major damage in the most unlikely situations.

You better believe I'm unplugging my chargers from now on when they're not in use.

This story and the pictures come to us from the Daily Mail.  However, we are unable to identify the teen victim and the city in Michigan this took place.

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