This week is Healthy and Safe Swimming Week in Michigan. Good idea as the unofficial start of summer is Memorial Day weekend. But reading the tips the state sent out, you just shake your head and wonder how people can be this stupid.

It's one thing if a baby or young child does this. They don't know any better, but take a look at the first set of tips. Don't people really know not to do this?

These are courtesy of the Michigan Dept. of Health and Human Services.

  • Keep germs out of the water:
    • Stay out of the water if you have diarrhea.
    • Shower before you get in the water.
    • Don’t pee or poop in the water and take your children on hourly bathroom breaks to keep them from doing the same: Every hour—everyone out!
  • Keep swimmers safe in the water:
    • Make sure everyone knows how to swim.
    • Use life jackets appropriately.
    • Provide continuous, attentive supervision close to swimmers.
    • Know CPR.
  • Use chemicals safely in your pools:
    • Read and follow directions on product labels.
    • Open chemical containers safely, using proper protective equipment, in a well-ventilated area.
    • NEVER mix different pool chemicals with each other, especially chlorine products with acid.
    • Add pool chemical to water, NEVER water to pool chemical.
    • Store pool chemicals securely.

While chlorine and other disinfectants kill many germs within minutes, some germs can survive for days even

when water is treated appropriately. For that reason, it’s important to keep germs, pee, poop, sweat and dirt out of the water we swim in.

The safety rules and chemical safety rules are always to go over, especially the chemical stuff. Okay, now that we've scared you a little bit, go have a safe summer and have a lot of fun.



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