Sadly, the decline of the American shopping mall continues as Battle Creek's Lakeview Square is hit again with store closings.

It's hard to remember now when it started but stores like JC Penney, Macy's, Sears and others have been pulling up anchor and abandoning shopping malls across the country. Lakeview Square Mall in Battle Creek has been hit again as Rogers & Hollands and Fred Meyer Jewelers have locked the gates for good.

Fred Meyer's two Portage locations are closed, leaving the closest at Rivertown Crossings in the Grand Rapids area. Rogers and Hollands is also at Rivertown Crossings and Woodland Mall in Grand Rapids and its Crossroads Mall location in Portage is still open. Zales and Kay Jewelers remain in Battle Creek, but for how long? Battle Creek Facebookers are concerned, with comments like:

  • Wow!! How many stores are left?
  • Downward spiral.
  • Geez what is happening there?
  • Doesn't surprise me... There are three other jewelers and our two local ones thrive well.
  • Omg. I am glad I picked up my ring!
  • That’s too bad. Hopefully an upswing in the economy will reverse the mess!
  • Such a shame. I also read Barnes and Noble will be closing stores. I imagine Battle Creek is not a big money maker
  • Your right on that, it will close all together eventually. I remember it as a kid as being a very lively and exciting mall. Always busy and full of cool stores. In my opinion only the restaurants,movie theatre,barnes and noble and dunams are what keep it open.
  • Not much left in there. Dumpsville.
  • Battle Creek= [Presidential expletive deleted]

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