42 years ago today, Magic Johnson lead Michigan State to a victory over Larry Bird's Indiana State.

The men's team at Michigan State has 20 appearances in the Sweet 16 and 34 appearances in the NCAA tournaments over all in their 124 year history according to wikipedia.  However this year, the #11 seed Spartans were knocked out of the tournament in the first round by UCLA in a nail biting overtime game.  Indiana State has not had such a storied history.  They've made 4 appearances in the NCAA tournaments.  Their most recent was in 2011.

It was a different story on March 26th, 1979.  College basketball star Earvin "Magic" Johnson lead the Spartans to a 26-6 record and a NCAA Championship.  Believe it or not, this Michigan State team were the underdogs that year as the Indiana State Sycamores came into the big game undefeated (31-0.)  Magic Johnson lead the game in scoring with 24 points.  The second leading scorer was Larry Bird with 19 points.  Both players went on to have decent NBA careers.  OK, they're freakin' legends.  You can watch the greatest NCAA championship game every for free below.

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Neither the MSU or Indiana State men's or women's basketball teams have made it to the Sweet16 this year.  The Sweet 16 begins Saturday, March 27th 2021.

The game to watch in the men's tournament:

Sunday, March 28th at 5 P.M.  as the #1 seed Michigan Wolverines take on #4 seed Florida State Seminoles.

The games to watch in the women's NCAA tournament this weekend:

Saturday at 3 P.M. 6th seed Michigan takes on 2nd seed Bayor.

Saturday at 6 P.M. 4th seed IU take on 1st seed NC State.


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