It's not just that I need to hit the gym, it's just the accumulative effect of having done very little since March. I've tried to exercise at home, but my favorite machine at the gym is that fancy expensive elliptical machine. Thirty minutes and I get a nice cardio workout and generally break a sweat.

So how close are we to that point? Well, the Governor mentioned it.

"We’ve asked them (HHS) to articulate all of the businesses that still have zero presence in terms of economic reopening, where we can do another assessment on risk mitigation to determine if we might consider making some improvements in the policy." - Gov. Gretchen Whitmer at her weekly Covid press briefing.

There's no denying that the fitness industry in Michigan is hurting. A story in the Detroit News says on Thursday, a group of businesses and business organizations sent Whitmer a letter asking for re-evaluation of current rules. The story says the Grand Rapids YMCA alone has laid off over a thousand workers,  The local Kalamazoo YMCA system here is hurting and has tried to re-purpose itself during the pandemic by providing services like day care for parents who are scrambling to make a bad situation a bit better.

I don't know how practical it would be to do outdoor workouts with gym equipment. The cost of moving everything outside, and, while B & G Discount has great prices on tarps, still, for businesses already hurting, that's an added expense, not to mention the cost of security so no one steals on in the middle of the night. And let's be honest, this is Michigan. Even with global warming, you know there's always the threat of snow, even in late August and all of September.

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