I'm a pessimist by nature. "If it can go wrong, it will." The year 2020 has a way of simply exacerbating that to the nth degree. Our nation can't seem to agree on anything already, and I've had a peek at the future, and it's only going to get worse later this year, or early next.

I got a news release about people falling behind on their kids' scheduled vaccinations. But that got the wheels turning in my head, and if you think the upcoming elections, or whether to mask or not to wear a mask, or even mandatory shutdowns get people going, wait until we get a potential Covid-19/coronavirus vaccine. There's reports that some potential vaccines are showing promising results. But you know what happens then? Anti-vaxxers.

I'm not an expert of infectious diseases, or immunology, but I know a couple of anti-vaxxers on Facebook, and they are more fervent about their beliefs that everything wrong in our lives traces back to vaccines, than any far left or far right political person you have on your feed.

The original point of this story was to tell you the State of Michigan says because of the pandemic, folks are falling behind in getting their scheduled shots (for themselves or for their kids.)

According to a MIPP claim, "vaccination rates among toddlers in Michigan were at their highest in 2017, but have been declining for two years straight" They say "the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says rates have dipped even further during the COVID-19 pandemic, creating higher risk for the spread of other contagious, communicable diseases—and preventable ones at that."

So, the original point was to remind you to contact your family doctor and make sure you're covered. But it's a shame there isn't a shot to get people to get along. We don't have to agree, but you wish so many people weren't jerks about everything.

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