Last week you would have thought that Bernie Sanders was taking the inauguration to become president of the United States of America with all the coverage he was receiving. Last week, footage captured Bernie Sanders sitting in a chair at the inauguration with his arms crossed with a focus on his mittens. Last all it took for the internet to produce hundreds, if not thousands of memes dedicated to the 2021 Democratic hopeful.

Since then we've seen crocheted figures of Bernie arise and now one Michigan stained glass maker can make Bernie light up your room for you. Glass Action is a self owned stained glass ornament & nightlight company ran out of Oak Park, MI by Carey Gustafson. Up for sale now on her Etsy store is a Bernie Sanders Sitting Mittens Meme stained glass nightlight cover. Currently there's one available and it's going for $75, but she also does special orders as well if that gets sold out.

Her night light covers have made it to celebrities all over the country including Louie Anderson and even being featured on The Conan O'Brien Show. She makes everything from ornaments, frame stained glass portraits, to stained glass nightlight covers of celebrities and musicians.

Something tells me this Bernie Mittens meme isn't gonna be around for too much longer so it's a smart idea to strike while the iron is hot. You would have thought swearing in a new president would have been the biggest thing to come out of that last week, but the internet says otherwise once again.

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