Bernie Sanders has committed his life to serving the U.S.  And now, he's accidentally helping to sell a home in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Your first day in real estate you're told to never include people in photos of the inside or outside of the home you're listing.  It's a big no, no.  Especially a 79-year-old Politian.  However, sometimes you have to throw out the rules to be successful.

Tiffany Szakal is a real estate agent with I Heart Grand Rapids Real Estate.  He just had a house go back on the market in the midst of the Bernie Sanders Meme trend.  That must be when Tiffany had a lightbulb moment and had her admin add the famous Bernie pic to the listing according to,

But two hours after the photos were posted, a real estate agent tagged Szakal in a post. That post was also shared on a popular Instagram account. And so just like Sanders himself, the listing on Donald Place soon went viral. By the time Szakal checked the Instagram post, “there was something like 50,000 likes,” she said.

You can see some of the real estate listing photos that include Bernie Sanders in the Facebook post below.

50,000 likes in 2 hours would be amazing for almost any instagram post.  But it is unheard of in a real estate listing.  Talk about striking while the iron is hot.

You can see the full listing for the 4 bedroom, 1 bath home on Donald Place Southeast in Grand Rapids by clicking here.

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