This past Friday my Facebook feed was flooded with video shots of a house fire that took place Friday morning in Farmington Hills. I have come to learn that the house which burned to the ground was the childhood home of my Father, Uncles and Aunts.

The house, which was located on Greenmeadow Cir off of 12 Mile and Middlebelt was my father's home from August 1962 until it was sold in February 1973 when him, along with his siblings and parents, moved to Florida.

My father, Scott, displayed his hurt of the loss through a Facebook post showing a video of the fire:

I'm really bummed. Just saw a sad video of my childhood house going up in a ball of flames. This home brings back many happy memories. Nothing left now but those memories. Really bummed to see my old house I lived in as a youth, burn to the ground.

Local 4 Detroit captured the footage that can be seen here.

My parents luckily still live in my childhood home. It's all I've ever known in Rochester Hills since we moved into it in 1989. It makes me appreciate that I can still go back sometimes on the weekend and still feel at home and that it's still there.






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