2017 marks the 40th year since a major tornado has touched down in Michigan.

The National Weather Service in Grand Rapids shared the incredible statistic that no major tornado (F4 or F5) has struck Michigan since April 2 of 1977.

However for the 25 years prior to 1977, there were 19 F4 or F5 tornadoes in Michigan.

Someday, however, that will change. As the NWS warns,

Michigan has been very lucky over the past 40 years, since the last F4 tornado hit. At some point, our luck will run out.

What about the 1980 Kalamazoo Tornado?

You might be wondering why the 1980 Kalamazoo Tornado wouldn't classify as a "violent tornado?"

Despite the fact the twister that hit downtown Kalamazoo killed 5, injured 79 other and did $50 million in damage, it was an F3, not the more destructive F4 or F5 twister.

F3 tornado winds top out at 206 miles per hour while an F5 could produce winds in excess of 300 mph.

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