Delivery by drone in 30 minutes? Amazon says it's coming.

My feelings on drones and future technology in general is perfectly depicted in this clip from Parks and Recreation:

Fox News reports Amazon told Congress on Wednesday that it’s developing the technology to use drones to deliver packages in 30 minutes or less. Using commercial drones to quickly deliver packages is probably years away.

The (FAA) Federal Aviation Administration Deputy Administrator Michael Whitaker said more research is needed before the government allows their widespread use. He wants to ensure safety regulations are put in place for airspace and people and property on the ground but the rules should be finalized within a year.

Paul E. Misener, Vice President of global public policy for urged Congress and the FAA to speed up the rules and to reconsider some of the restrictions for commercial drones. FAA's proposed rules would require operators to keep commercial drones within eyesight at all times, which significantly limits the distance they can fly. He said the technology exists to safely operate commercial drones well beyond the eyesight of the operator.

Misener said Amazon does not yet have the logistical capability to receive and process orders, and then deliver packages by drone within a half hour. But, he added, "We will have it by the time the regulations are ready.”

I think it’s a cool and exciting idea but I think it’s going to be a mess.  It might be cleaner for the environment, but did anyone think about the fact that it’s probably going to put people out of jobs?

Photo By:Sean Gallup/Getty Images
Photo By:Sean Gallup/Getty Images

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