Calvin Nelson has been inspired by two of the biggest icons in pop/pop rock so much that he's found a niche and for years has been entertaining thousands on 8 mile in Detroit and in karaoke bars with his impersonations of Michael Jackson and Prince. I've been searching all over the internet for anything I find about this guy, because honestly, it takes a lot to get up and perform without fear in front of an audience. But to do and MJ AND Prince impersonation takes skill and guts, both of which he has.

The beauty of Calvin is he's used bullying he received for being a smaller guy as a way to do something positive and block out all the negative energy while he's entertaining. Speaking to Freep, Deadline Detroit revealed how he talked about how important it is for for him to express himself and how it makes him feel:

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It’s almost like I’m a reincarnation of Michael Jackson. When I’m out here, I’m not Calvin no more. Man, it’s a total different thing — totally different — because you see me as Calvin. But then, all of sudden, once I got on this, people just run up to me like the paparazzi: ‘Oh, hold up, can I get a picture?’ It’s overwhelming.

Below are a few videos of him doin' his thing. One commenter expressed just how much they love seeing him on a regular basis:

Calvin is a treasure, spreading love during these hard times. He always cheers us up when we drive by - he changes the world around him. Thank you Calvin. MsNeet, if you know him, please tell him thank you from us. And thank you for posting.

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