Bugs make people do crazy things!

I believe that it safe to say that we had all had the experience were you see something move out of the corner of your eye. Then you suddenly realize that some kind of bug is in the room with you, It scares a tad then you have to man up and kill it. Yet few of us have shot ourselves with our own gun in the process. but that is exactly what happened to a Detroit man.

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that exact scenario took place Tuesday morning.

A  50-year-old man was attempting to kill the bug, throwing his shoe at it with the gun inside when it discharged.

The bug the bug the man was trying to destroy was reportedly a cockroach, which would freak most people out. The good news is that the man is in stable condition after he was taken to a hospital.

So I suppose the lesson learned is that guns don't help in killing bugs.

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