Last year, which was technically just a few weeks ago, the Midwest experienced a ridiculous snowstorm Christmas weekend leaving the area iced over, snowy, and cold. As many traveled during the treacherous conditions, countless others chose not to and turned to social media to connect while staying safe and warm.

Well, lucky for us humans, we have the ability to coup up inside and avoid the frigid temperatures, meanwhile, other entities, like say... flagpoles, are forced to brave the weather no matter what. Some of them are stronger than others as proven by this one flagpole in Illinois.

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A TikTok user, @slammer64, captured an unreal phenomenon involving a flagpole that stands outside of a McDonald's in Illinois. This is the first time I've ever seen a dancing flagpole as the video shows the flagpole busting its best moves for the audience.

@slammer64♬ original sound - keith smith

Now, of course, this isn't really a dancing flagpole, it's just the effects of the insane weather we witnessed within this area over the holidays. This is simply just a video of a metal flagpole being so cold and high wind gusts pushing the pole around and creating a shaking sensation.

With all of that being said, we can all agree that this looks like a waving arms inflatable dancing tube man that you see outside of a car dealership or carnival. The American flag handles most of the waving part taking over the "head and arms" while the pole itself would be the body.

Stop by this waving arms inflatable dancing tube man's place of business, that's the whole point of them to get you to spend unnecessary money. Did McDonald's just find a way to convert this strategy to a flagpole to garnish more customers? Have you ever seen a dancing flagpole or did Illinois make history again?

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